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Apple's tvOS 17.4 update now available for the Apple TV

The tvOS 17.4 update is ready to download to the Apple TV

Apple's latest update for the Apple TV has arrived, with the tvOS 17.4 release to the public containing support for Apple Music Shareplay.

Concluding another cycle of beta testing, Apple's release of tvOS 17.4 is officially out and usable by the public on their Apple TV and Apple TV 4K set-top boxes.

The tvOS 17.4 release is build number 21L227, taking over from tvOS 17.3, released on January 22 with build number 21K646.

Usually, the updates for tvOS don't include many visual changes that end users can immediately spot, with most updates instead focusing on bug fixes and performance improvements. However, there is one notable change in tvOS 17.4.

The betas for tvOS included an option for SharePlay on the Apple TV, expanding the feature from the Apple Music app on other Apple platforms. A QR code can be displayed on the connected TV screen that can be scanned by anyone who can see it, with participants then able to add their own selections to the music queue.

Examinations of the betas revealed mentions of "homeOS," though it is unclear exactly what that could be. There have been some previous mentions of it in 2021 job advertisements, but seeming no concrete plans for products or services using it.

How to update to tvOS 17.4

  1. On an Apple TV, go to the "Settings" app.
  2. Navigate to the "System" option in the settings menu.
  3. In the System menu, select "Software Updates."
  4. Choose "Update Software." The Apple TV will then check for any new updates.

If users prefer automatic updates, they can enable that feature in the Software Updates section of the System settings. Once activated, the Apple TV will automatically update to the latest tvOS version when available, usually overnight while connected to Wi-Fi.