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Apple Vision Pro expansion will hit Australia & Japan probably in April or May

Apple Vision Pro

Apple has posted Apple Vision Pro-related job listings in Australia and Japan, which means a launch outside of the US could be just weeks away.

Apple Vision Pro launched in the United States on February 2 and Apple said it will be released in other countries later in 2024. There haven't been many details on the timing for a broader launch, but recent job postings could provide a hint.

Job listings in Australia and Japan have been discovered, suggesting the launch in those countries will be soon. To date, devout international fans have resorted to purchasing Apple Vision Pro in the U.S. and bringing it back to their own countries.

Apple is looking to fill the Briefing Experience Specialist position, falling under the Sales and Business Development category in both Australia and Japan. According to the listings, the positions include demonstrating Apple Vision Pro product features, conducting executive briefings, and designing customized demos.

Historically, filling positions like these takes around a month. This timeline, along with the appearance of these job listings suggests that Apple is preparing to launch Apple Vision Pro in more countries in late April or early May.

Apple Vision Pro job listings
Apple Vision Pro job listings

Apple has previously stated that Apple Vision Pro will launch in more countries later this year, but has so far refrained from providing any specific date. The last official mention of Apple Vision Pro expanding to more countries occurred during Apple's earnings call in January.

Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499 and is currently only available in the United States. International pricing obviously isn't available yet.

The job listings pertaining to Apple Vision Pro were discovered by AppleInsider reader Daniele.