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Migo Ascender stair-climbing vacuum, Qi2 gear, & TP-Link camera reviews on HomeKit Insider

HomeKit Insider Podcast

On this episode of HomeKit Insider, Migo launches the Ascender stair-climbing robot, lots of Qi2 news, and HomeKit camera reviews.

Also launching on Kickstarter this week was the MIGO Ascender. This is a Matter-enabled stair-climbing robotic vacuum cleaner and mop.

This will be hugely beneficial to multi-level homes and is a better alternative to buying multiple robots. It is $849 for the early bird price and will increase to $1,500 when available.

Qi2 was a popular topic this week as we saw multiple announcements.

Initially, we saw that Apple added Qi2 to the iPhone 12 via the iOS 17.4 update. That brings it in line with the iPhone 13, iPhone 14, and iPhone 15 models.

Mophie has released its first Qi2 devices, starting with its vent mount and it will be followed by its 3-in-1 stand and its battery pack.

Finally, it seems that Belkin's PowerStation Mini+ is imminently available. It's already listed on the Australian Apple Store.

Besides Qi2, we also saw Robin launch a new version of its ProLine HomeKit Secure Video doorbell. It upgrades the video quality to 1080P, has new ambiance lights, and a better speaker.

Outside of the news, Wes reviews two HomeKit Secure Video cameras from TP-Link.

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