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Leaked design resource hints at iOS 18's visionOS-inspired redesign

Image Credit: MacRumors

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An alleged iOS 18 design resource surfaced on Tuesday, showcasing a new, glassy style that may take a page from the visionOS design book.

The changes are subtle and not easy to spot, but if you squint, you'll notice glass-like buttons with reflective edges. This is similar to how the UI looks when using the Apple Vision Pro.

MacRumors obtained the image from an anonymous source who purportedly got it from an iOS engineer, but are careful to note that they cannot attest to its authenticity. The image will allegedly be included in the iOS 18 Apple Design Resources.

If the image is real, that would mean iOS 18 would borrow design elements from visionOS. This isn't the first time we've heard this suggested, either, as a rumor in early February essentially said the same thing.

An X account named @sb_apple_com is taking credit for leaking the image. If true, this leak shouldn't be taken seriously as it comes from an account claiming the MacBook Air would be purple and green as soon as March 1.

We're rating the leak as possible, as redesigned interface elements for iOS 18 have been rumored and this isn't the first claiming a visionOS inspiration. The anonymous source can't be verified by AppleInsider, but shouldn't be rejected entirely until more evidence is available to prove or disprove the claim.

Other sources have also suggested that a significant redesign is coming down the pipeline for Apple's next major iOS update. Bloomberg's previous take was that while iOS 18 may borrow some design cues from visionOS, it wouldn't mirror the design completely.