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Google's Apple-friendly Find My Devices network launching in April

Apple and Android devices will be able to detect most trackers

Apple and Google have worked together to get an interoperability standard off the ground for tracking devices, and Google's Find My Devices network is ready to launch.

After stalking and abusive behavior was tied to Apple's AirTag, Apple and Google teamed up to create a cross-platform system for detecting nearby trackers. A year later, it seems something is ready for consumers.

On Wednesday, Apple released the iOS 17.5 beta with code suggesting anti-stalking measures would launch when the operating system goes public. A day later, 9to5Google has seen evidence that Google could launch its Find My Device network on April 8 or soon after.

An email sent to one employee said Google's Find My Devices network was coming soon and they'd be notified in 3 days. That's technically Sunday, April 7, so the email may have been sent by mistake.

Regardless, it is evident that Apple and Google are gearing up for a wider launch. The new Find My Devices feature for Android will let Android users track phones, tablets, and computers, similar to Apple's Find My.

The key here is Google delayed launching this feature until an interoperability standard was ready. That way, Apple devices could detect Android trackers and vice versa.

If everything works as intended, Android users will be notified if an unknown tracker like an AirTag is nearby and following them around. The same goes for iPhone users, who could be notified if a Tile or other product is nearby and not connected to the user's device.

Apple's beta cycle for iOS 17.5 has only just begun, but it seems light on features. It could see a release by the end of April to coincide with Google's Find My Devices launch.