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Underused VPN by Google One service is headed for the graveyard

VPN by Google One

Google is shutting down its subscription-based VPN by Google One service later in 2024, with the feature heading to the Google graveyard due to being underused by its customers.

Google One is the search giant's cloud storage service, allowing users to expand how much they can store online, as well as enabling a number of extra features. As part of its shake-up of the service, the VPN element is going to be taken away.

In an email to subscribers seen by Android Authority, Google explains a number of changes that it will be making on May 15. Along with opening up AI-based Google Photos features to more users, it is also going to phase out two benefits.

Along with ending free shipping for print orders from Google Photos from May 15, it will also be limiting access to VPN by Google One later in 2024. Existing users will be pointed in the direction of alternative services, and other features of the subscription will continue to operate as normal.

The change mostly affects subscribers of the service who do not use Google's hardware. The company says that Pixel users will still be able to access VPN from Google using a Pixel 7 or newer device via device settings.

Users of Google Fi will also be unaffected by the change, with that service still offering VPN access to users.

Google explained to 9to5Google that the VPN is being discontinued as it found "people simply weren't using it." It adds that the depreciation of the feature will allow the team to refocus on more in-demand elements of Google One.

In March 2023, Google expanded access to its VPN to all Google One subscribers, including iPhone and Android users.

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