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Apple's FineWoven case and Apple Watch band lineup may have been cut short

Apple's FineWoven iPhone case

A new rumor claims that Apple has shut down the FineWoven production lines for good, possibly spelling the doom of the controversial accessory material.

Apple put a big marketing push behind its leather alternative FineWoven. The material debuted during the iPhone 15 event, and looked good — when brand new.

It just never lived up to the hype. And now, Apple appears to be done with the material.

In a post on X, accessory curator Kosutami posits that the lines have been shut down.

The provenance of the data is not clear, and there's no way to verify the report, though. In our experience with the material, it is an awful material for durability and stain resistance on an iPhone case.

However, Apple Watch bands have held up much better. Presumably the difference is in how much surface area is exposed to large patches of damage.

Apple will likely continue the hunt for a leather replacement. It has in recent days re-emphasized that it has eradicated leather from its product lines.