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If you're seeing canceled Apple iPhone trade-in notifications today, you're not alone

Pair of iPhone 14 models

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For a while on April 25, emails to customers that traded in iPhones months ago were listed as canceled — but Apple is now telling those informed that the messages were in error.

Overnight, we got some tips about months-old trade-ins listed as cancelled. It has also also happened to one AppleInsider staffer.

It's not yet clear exactly what's going on. Apple takes in one trade-in towards a single device, with multiple devices being traded in counting toward gift cards. So far, the only information we have is that it only appears to be happening to people who have traded in for a new device.

The tracker is claiming a half-year after the fact that the device wasn't received within the "required time frame." That time frame is 14 days, and Apple has historically been prompt about that time frame, as trade-in values vary greatly as time passes.

We've heard of two scenarios. One is that a loan will resume on a device that Apple is claiming after the fact that it hasn't been sent in, and another is just a rejection of the trade-in.

"Because we didn't receive your device within the required time frame, your trade-in has been cancelled. If you've already sent your device to our trade-in partner, it will be shipped back to you," the rejection notice in the tracker says.

Apple doesn't appear to be sending emails in most cases. And, in the case of a one-for-one return, nearly all users say that they've gotten the credit for it.

Update April 25, 5:00 PM ET Apple has confirmed that this is some kind of system error, and no action by the consumer is necessary.