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Apple TV+ drops MLS Season Pass price for remainder of the season

Apple's MLS Season Pass has been discounted

As the 2024 Major League Soccer championship heads toward its summer midpoint, Apple TV+ is discounting its season pass by 25%.

When the new season pass was first offered for sale in January 2024, it cost $99. Now three months in to the season, Apple has dropped the season pass price to $69 — or $59 for existing Apple TV+ subscribers.

MLS on Apple TV+ is also available for a monthly fee. However, the price for that is unchanged at $14.99 for new users, or $12.99 for existing Apple TV+ subscribers.

Right from the start, the MLS Season Pass deal appears to have been a success for both Apple and the sports league. This new discount price follows a similar offer for the 2023 season.

However, that 2023 discount was offered later in the season's run. It was also a steeper discount, cutting the price to $29 for new subscribers, or $25 for existing ones.

That steeper discount was less significant than the new 2024 price drop, however. The 2023 one was issued with about two months left to go on the season, meaning the discounted season pass was only fractionally cheaper than subscribing monthly.

Apple's MLS Season pass presents users with coverage of every Major League Soccer match, plus the playoffs which are due to start in October.