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Maryland Apple Store staff vote in favor of strike action

Apple Towson Town Center store (Source: Apple)

Workers at the Apple Towson Town Center store in Maryland have backed their union's plan to hold a strike over unresolved issues.

The Towson store unionized in 2022, and representatives had said they were disheartened by what were described as Apple's insufficient responses to concerns. Unions at the store conducted an independent survey early in 2024 and reported on alleged illegal anti-union activities by Apple.

Now according to CNBC, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (AIM) union says workers at the store have voted in favor of authorizing a strike. "The issues at the forefront of this action include concerns over work-life balance," said the union in a statement, "unpredictable scheduling practices disrupting personal lives, and wages failing to align with the area's cost of living."

The vote was to give the union the mandate to strike, rather than over specifics such as dates. With that mandate, the union will now determine a date for work stoppage, unless Apple's response means a strike is no longer considered necessary.

"We will engage with the union representing our team in Towson respectfully and in good faith," said an Apple spokeswoman.

Previously, Apple has been vehemently against the practice of unionizing in its stores. Apple retail chief Deirdre O'Brien has said that putting "another organization in the middle of our relationship [with retal staff] could fundamentally change the company's "open and collaborative and direct engagement."

However, retail staff have questioned that description of the relationship between Apple and its workers. One staff member summarized the working conditions by saying that complaining to Apple is "like writing a letter to Santa."