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Original PlayStation games come to iPhone with new Gamma emulator

Screenshots from the Gamma emulator on the App Store

Gamma, a free emulator of the original Sony PlayStation, was added to the iOS and iPad App Stores on May 11th.

Gamma is similar to developer Riley Testut's Delta emulator, especially in terms of the interface. Like Delta, it allows customizable on-screen controller skins, and includes support for Bluetooth controllers as well as wired keyboards.

It supports both Google Drive and Dropbox for backing up your own game disk images as well as automatically-saved progress. Users can choose their own preferred method or service to back up the games and save stages as well.

No BIOS files are needed for emulation.

In our initial trials with the app, there are some execution issues. But, we're confident fixes are coming. Long-time emulator developer ZodTTD has a storied history building emulators for iOS hardware, with him developing early — and excellent — Nintendo 64 and TurboGrafx emulators more than a decade ago.

A screenshot of a game running on the Gamma emulator featuring a person running uphill.
The Gamma emulator in action

It will also pull any game artwork for players once the game is running. As per the rules regarding emulators from the App Store, Gamma is free of charge with no in-app purchases.