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Stop spam calls at the source by fighting data brokers with Incogni

Stop spam calls with Incogni

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Spam calls and robocalls flood our iPhones because our personal information is accessed through data brokers, but you can end the insanity with the help of online data removal services.

The number one commodity on the internet is user information. It is gathered and sold in mass by companies to data brokers.

These practices mean that a person's private information may be readily found online without much effort — including phone numbers. Unwanted calls from telemarketers, religious groups, political organizers, and other kinds of spam can make a user's phone ring constantly.

Using call blocking services to stop these spam calls or features like silence unknown callers won't solve the problem either. Do not call lists and spam number registries can only go so far, so as long as your phone number is accessible to spammers, the calls will continue.

Spam isn't the only problem, as scam calls will attempt to access critical accounts and information using methods like neighbor spoofing. That's where an unknown call is made using a number that looks similar to your own.

Call blocking doesn't address the problem

User data being traded around the web leads to massive hoards of information on a single user, which can lead to problems with privacy, security, and safety. Stop spam calls, get your info off of sketchy people search sites, and gain control of your privacy by getting your data away from data brokers.

Being careful with your data won't help either, as just browsing the web or shopping from certain retail websites can provide data to brokers. Users can look for data themselves and request it be removed, which is a legal requirement for data brokers, and people search sites, but this manual process can take an individual up to 300 hours to be thorough.

That's where Incogni comes in.

The company works on the user's behalf to search for user data across the internet using an algorithm. Incogni files a removal request when data is found and can even contact one of the hundreds of data brokers directly to get user data taken down.

A graph showing removal requests over time with 206 sent over about 16 months
Incogni saved this individual 72 hours and completed 96 removal requests over 16 months

Stop unwanted calls with Incogni

Stop spam calls and get control of your data with a dedicated personal data removal service from Incogni. The private and simple system costs $12.98 per month, but AppleInsider readers get a 55% discount with code APPLE55.

Sign up for an account today using your primary email address to ensure Incogni can find your information online as effectively as possible. Trying Incogni is risk-free because you can cancel anytime with a money-back guarantee.