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Delta Emulator changes logo after Adobe legal threat

Adobe's logo [left], Delta's new icon [middle], Delta's old icon [right]

The developer behind Delta has been threatened with legal action by Adobe, forcing the game emulator to change its icon.

On Friday, the Delta game emulator updated its icon to something a bit unusual. Instead of an incomplete triangle that represents its namesake, the fourth Greek letter delta, the icon's top section appears to have been broken off and shifted to one side.

In a Mastodon post, the change is explained by the threat of legal action. Rather than a competing app marketplace or an app developer, the challenge instead came from Creative Cloud maker Adobe.

In the post, as well as the App Store listing for Delta, it is claimed that Adobe "is threatening legal action because they think our logos are too similar - so we changed it!"

The new version is an "inspired design" by Caroline Moore, which somewhat parodies the original Delta logo.

AppleInsider has contacted Adobe for comment.

The change of logo is unfortunate, especially since the App Store has started to allow emulators to be submitted. Delta is a major name in the emulation field on iPhone, and changing branding like a logo could be especially damaging at such an important time.