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Future emoji could include Eye Bags & Shovel

New emoji coming in Unicode 16

The Unicode Consortium has submitted the proposal for Unicode 16, which includes seven new emoji characters like harp, shovel, fingerprint, and face with bags under eyes.

The timeline from the conception to implementation of an emoji is a long one, and the Unicode Consortium has revealed what might be coming next. After the beta period finalizes what is going into the final release, companies like Apple will have to create their own versions of each new emoji.

According to a release post detailing Unicode 16, first discovered by MacRumors, the Unicode update will contain new emoji. While the proposed emoji aren't finalized, they are likely to make it to the release after the beta review period ends on July 2.

There are seven new emoji being proposed.

  • Root vegetable
  • Face with bag under eyes
  • Shovel
  • Harp
  • Splatter
  • Leafless tree
  • Fingerprint

The images included in the proposal aren't the final version, nor are they what will appear in various operating systems. After the emoji are approved, it will be up to Apple, Google, and other companies to create their own artistic interpretation of each emoji.

Emoji have become an important part of Apple's release strategy. The company often includes the new emoji in an important update mid-cycle to drive holdouts to upgrade.

Despite being cartoonish drawings, a lot of controversy can arise from emoji. One child petitioned to have the nerd emoji removed, there was a false controversy around the clown emoji, and an autocorrect bug caused a stir because of the Palestinian flag.

Despite being set for a July release, Unicode 16 and the new emoji will likely not be implemented by Apple until 2025. They could be included in a late iOS 18 release or as a part of iOS 19.