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OLED iPad Pro screens could hit 9 million shipments in 2024

iPad Pro M4 with Nano-texture

Apple is anticipating a large number of orders for its OLED iPad Pro, with shipments now anticipated to reach over 9 million.

The launch of the new iPad Pro with Tandem OLED is set to make a big mark on the OLED market as a whole, according to a Monday report.

Research firm Omida predics that the OLED shipment volume for tablets could hit 12.1 million units, reports DigiTimes. Approximately 8.12 million units will be for hybrid OLEDs, which so far the iPad Pro is the only iPad to use.

This backs up a previous claim report from March, which said that Apple's suppliers were preparing 8.5 million OLED panels for iPad Pro usage. In January, the figure was 10 million OLED panels for 2028, but the order had supposedly been cut by 2 million.

The claims are countered by a TrendForce report from May 8, estimating that Apple will ship between 4.5 million and 5 million iPad Pro units in 2024.

The report adds that LG Display is handling both 11-inch and 13-inch panels, while Samsung Display is dealing with 11-inch versions. Samsung's also reportedly expanding from one to two iPad OLED production lines, by modifying its A3 line to work with the two-stack OLED process.