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Apple will give up to $200 for Apple Card Family sign ups

Apple Card Family promo

A returning Apple Card Family promotion can provide a user up to $100 and a family unit up to $200 in rewards for bringing new users to a family group.

Apple runs various incentive programs to attract new users to the Apple Card. Oddly, the incentives generally involve existing users bringing new members, and those new members get the reward, not the original user.

The latest promotion is a returning one that was last run in August 2023. An Apple Card holder can invite new participants or a co-owner to take advantage of the promotion.

If a new co-owner is added and spends $100 within 30 days, their Apple Cash account will be credited with $100. If a new participant is added and spends $25 within 30 days, they will get $25 deposited.

That means if an Apple Card holder has five people in their iCloud Family Sharing group, they could earn the family a total of $200 by adding a co-owner and four participants.

To be eligible, every person added must be brand new to Apple Card. The new co-owner won't qualify if they already have an Apple Card and are merging accounts.

The Apple Family offer ends June 17. The latest offer joins other continuing offers, which include 6% daily cash from Ace Hardware, bonus cash from Gopuff orders, and $75 bonus cash for invited friends.