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Apple will allow users to opt in to ChatGPT services in iOS 18 after deal with OpenAI

Apple's 2024 iPhone could feature an AI-improved Siri

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Apple has reportedly agreed a deal with OpenAI that means it will integrate ChatGPT into iOS, in what's claimed to be a temporary arrangement until Apple's own Siri can be improved.

Backing up previous reports that Apple and OpenAI's Sam Altman have entered into a deal, Bloomberg says that the arrangement will be central to Apple's AI announcements at WWDC on June 10, 2024. It's not believed that Altman will make an appearance, however.

It's claimed that the deal to integrate ChatGPT into iOS is specifically because Apple's own Siri is not yet up to scratch. That's despite many recent reports such as one saying that Siri will see a massive AI upgrade via Apple's own Ajax LLM.

It reportedly won't be mandatory. The report claims that users will have to opt in to using the service, rather than opt out. However, details aren't clear yet.

No specifics of the deal have been revealed as yet, and neither Apple nor OpenAI have confirmed the arrangement. Apple has previously been reported to be in talks to license Google Gemini's AI features for iPhones.

It's not known whether electing to make a deal with OpenAI means that Apple has closed the door on any Google arrangement. It's possible that Apple may launch an AI App Store, which could then include Google Gemini amongst others.