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AI-improved Siri to launch at WWDC 2024, claims leaker

Generative AI could be used to bolster Siri's abilities

A new rumor claims that Apple's generative AI technology will be included in Siri not just locally on iPhones, but also integrated into other services being announced at Apple's 2024 Worldwide Developer Conference.

Apple has not released an equivalent to ChatGPT's artificial intelligence tools — at least, not publicly — but it has reportedly invested $1 billion in adding AI to Siri. If correct, that investment comes both as the AI industry is taking off, and reportedly as Apple has struggled to improve Siri overall.

According to a blog from leaker yeux1122, there has been "recent progress on applying generative AI to Apple Siri."

"Generated AI version of Siri on Apple's Ajax-based model [will be] announced at WWDC," continues the blog (in machine translation.) "[It will add] more personalization and natural conversation to Siri... [and] efficient management of various Apple iPhone, etc."

The leaker also claims that "various external service-to-service" features will be revealed at WWDC, while "some services or features differ between subscription services."

It's not clear whether this is a reference to Apple's own services, or perhaps regards the training of Siri AI on third-party services such as news publishers.

Leaker yeux1122 does not have a strong track record. The leaker has a hit-or-miss track record with hardware predictions, and most notably made the unlikely and somewhat confused claim that Apple has disbanded its 5G modem team, either because it has given up the project, or that it has finished the project.

Some of that confusion may simply be down to translation, but even so, neither Apple abandoning or finishing its 5G modem appears feasible. Apple has been working to replace using Qualcomm's 5G modems with its own since the company's $1 billion acquisition of Intel's entire modem business in 2019.

Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference typically takes place in June. Apple has not yet announced the dates for the event.