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Apple Store unexpectedly goes down ahead of WWDC

Apple has taken its store down ahead of WWDC 2024

In an unusual move for a year when no new hardware is expected at WWDC, Apple has shut down its online store and posted a link to watch the keynote.

It's routine for Apple to take down the store hours before a product launch such as those for the iPhone or the Apple Vision Pro, and it has shut it before WWDC in the past. In 2023, for instance, the store was closed, and Apple used that WWDC to launch an updated MacBook Air.

This time the 2024 WWDC has been expected to focus on AI, and specifically to not include the debut of any new hardware. So taking the down the store is a surprise, and it's not clear whether this means hardware is coming — or that Apple is just using its store front to promote the keynote.

As ever, the store has a message saying "Be right back," and it also adds "Check back soon."

These are common phrases from the regular times that it shuts the store, but this time the message includes an animated Apple logo that is in the same colors as the WWDC 2024 promotions.

AppleInsider will be covering all of the major announcements and events of WWDC 2024.