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Apple plans slimmest iPhone 17 & MacBook Pro designs following iPad Pro success

A render of what could be the iPhone 16

The new thinner iPad Pro models will be followed up by more shrinking across Apple's product line, with the iPhone 17 and MacBook Pro expected to get thinner next.

Apple's update of the iPad Pro lineup included a refresh to the designs, making the premium tablets thinner than ever before. This is thought to be the start of a continuing design trend for Apple, which will make other items in its catalog even thinner.

According to sources of Bloomberg, Apple is working to make a "significantly skinnier" iPhone 17. The change will be part of a wider effort, with the source adding that the MacBook Pro and Apple Watch will also undergo design diets.

The intention is that the iPad Pro will be the start of a new class of Apple hardware that aim to be the "thinnest and lightest" in their categories.

This is not the first time we have heard about Apple working to make its iPhone 17 slimmer. In October, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecasted that Apple would use a new thinner and lighter motherboard technology.

While these changes could help grant more space for other components inside the iPhone 17's body, it could easily be used to help shrink down the overall size. Sunday's report also says that the same processes will be used across the product line to make even thinner MacBook Pro models as well.

Other iPhone 17 rumors include a slight size change for the iPhone 17 Plus display and a new 24MP front camera.