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New Hue lights, tvOS 18, Qi2 chargers, & more on the HomeKit Insider Podcast

HomeKit Insider Podcast

On this episode of the HomeKit Insider Podcast, we reveal the new Philips Hue gear, walk through several new Qi2 chargers, and break down all the changes coming to Apple TV in tvOS 18.

Signify had several new smart lighting products to announce this week for its Philips Hue brand. The most exciting release as far as we are concerned was the Twilight lamp that has dual light sources to cover the wall and around it in soothing light.

The Twilight lamp also supports several sleep-friendly modes and has ultra-low dimming for use in the late hours.

There's also the Solo Light Strip. The Solo Light Strip differs from the standard Hue light strip because while it can be trimmed, it cannot be extended. It's also cheaper than the regular one.

Finally, we saw the release of several new Lightguide bulbs. They come in new shapes like triangle, small and large globes, and Edison.

In the world of chargers, we have three to discuss from Blackbrook, Rokform, and Satechi. All three sport Qi2 certification and 15W fast charging.

Satechi unit is a car charger that attaches to your vents. It is space gray and stays put with an adjustable stabilizing arm.

Rokform also has a car charger, though it's a bit simpler. It's just a small round circle but it's made of aluminum and includes a right-angle USB-C adapter for tight spots.

Blackbrook has a 3-in-1 foldable charger. It's very compact and also made of aluminum while fast charging your Apple Watch.

We wrap the episode focusing on tvOS 18 and all the new features. There's lots to explore from new screensavers, updates aspect ratios, and more.

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