Appleinsider Staff

Associate Editor

AppleInsider was founded in 1997, and remains the ultimate destination for Apple news, rumors, and tips for all user skill levels.

With over 150 years of experience across the editorial staff, AppleInsider publishes dozens of stories daily on topics of interest to the Apple fan or user. On any given day, you can count on research into Apple's patent filings, news on the latest hardware and accessory releases, the latest from the stock analysts covering Apple, and info on how to get the most out of your Apple gear.

And, when Apple news breaks, it isn't enough to just report the news. Our reporters' experience spanning Apple's entire history allows us to provide intelligent context and commentary on the stories of the day viewed through experience and the lens of history, made relevant to the modern-day audience.

AppleInsider staff consists of staffers with a wide range of professional experiences, including Apple hardware support and repair, nuclear power, chemical engineering, webcomic and game publication, development experience, time inside the BBC, and more. Our staffers have bylines in publications like MacWorld, MacWorld UK, PC Magazine, Vogue, HuffPost, Food Network Magazine, and elsewhere.

We spend as much thought into what we don't publish, and why, as what we choose to write about. Our editorial staff has wide latitude to review and report on what they want, how they want. We never take paid reviews, and instead focus on products that interest us, as well as those that we've been told that you want more information on.