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How to get detailed monthly stats on your Apple Music listening habits

Apple Music rolls out monthly version of Replay

If you enjoyed receiving your yearly Apple Music Replay, you'll be pleased to know that the music streaming service now provides monthly listening statistics. Here's how to see that data.

Apple Music Replay has been around for a few years now, giving subscribers a chance to check in-depth stats on what they listened to over the past year. The feature is pretty similar to Spotify's Wrapped.

Spotted by Engadget on Tuesday, Apple Music is now rolling out a monthly version of its Replay feature.

To get your monthly Replay, you'll just need to head to There, you'll see your total listening time, top artists, songs, and albums, as well as any milestones you may have hit over the month.

For Valentine's Day, Apple Music introduced two new algorithmically-generated stations, "Love" and "Heartbreak." Because they're built on an algorithm, both new stations are infinite playlists. You'll need an Apple Music subscription if you want to check them out.

The latest beta version of Apple Music for Android includes screens prompting users to import their playlists from other services, such as Spotify.