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Review: 'The Elephant Queen' on Apple TV+ is absolutely stunningrating

10/28/2019, 09:02:AM

"The Elephant Queen," the first movie of the Apple TV+ era, is a gorgeous, eye-opening nature documentary that begs to be watched on the largest screen possible.


Apple TV+ review: don't wake up for 'The Morning Show' just yetrating

10/28/2019, 09:01:AM

Apple's "The Morning Show" packs all the power, pageantry and prestige you'd expect from a series anchoring the launch of the company's new Apple TV+ streaming service, but it sadly has yet to find its voice.


Review: Noah & Grey wood, steel, & leather wireless chargersrating

10/27/2019, 07:38:PM

A premium smartphone like the iPhone 11 Pro warrants a high-class and durable wireless charger to match. The hand-constructed Noah and Grey wireless charger's wood and steel construction seems to fit the bill quite nicely.


Review: Jabra Elite 85h ANC headphones pack serious smartsrating

10/27/2019, 09:49:AM

The Jabra Elite 85h ANC headphones are subtly designed and hide some seriously smart features, such as automatically pausing playback when removed, as well as having a dedicated button to call for a digital assistant.


Review: ColorWare custom-painted AirPods look stellar, for a pricerating

10/26/2019, 07:00:PM

If you are tired of the normal white AirPods, a custom-painted pair of Apple's audio accessories from ColorWave could be a good alternative for people wanting a more personalized set. A matte black pair with a vibrant red case are put through their paces to see how they hold up under use.


Review: Elago AW3 is a great AirPods case for retro Mac loversrating

10/26/2019, 12:00:PM

If you want to not only protect your AirPods but to also transform them into a quirky 1984 Macintosh, then the Elago AW3 is your new best friend.


Samsung T5 Review: Two years after release, it's still a great portable SSD for Mac or iPadrating

10/25/2019, 07:34:AM

The Samsung T5 portable SSD isn't a new release, but is still a great compact drive that pairs very well not only with a Mac, but with an iPad Pro as well.


Review: Deebot 661 sweeps and mops your floors so you don't have torating

10/18/2019, 01:19:PM

If you're looking for a good mid-range robotic vacuum to help keep your home clean, the Deebot 661 might be the perfect fit. This multi-purpose robot can both vacuum and mop your floors, giving you back more time in your day.


Review: Master & Dynamic MW07 Go bring premium audio to the gymrating

10/17/2019, 10:35:AM

The MW07 Go true wireless headphones from Master and Dynamic brings premium audio to the gym with stylish design and impressive internals.


Review: Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus -- The best true wireless headphones, but betterrating

10/17/2019, 05:59:AM

Master & Dynamic blew us away with the MW07 and after testing the new MW07 Plus true wireless headphones for a week, we're hooked.


Review: X-Doria Defense dual wireless charger for iPhone & AirPodsrating

10/15/2019, 02:18:PM

We've been using the Defense dual wireless charger from X-Doria for a while to top up our iPhones and AirPods Wireless Charging case, and we like what we see.


Review: Anker PowerPort III Nano is the charger Apple should've shipped with the iPhone 11 Prorating

10/13/2019, 03:38:PM

Apple's switching to a USB-C charging plug for the iPhone 11 Pro is welcome news, but that charger is large. In comparison, the new Anker PowerPort III Nano makes for a compact USB-C charger that can charge up all your mobile gear with the smallest footprint.


Review: Mophie's suede 3-in-1 Qi wireless charging stand powers all your Apple gearrating

10/12/2019, 05:04:PM

Mophie elevates its wireless charger with a new suede top material for a more premium experience on its 3-in-1 Qi charging dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.


Review: BRV-Mini speakers pack big sound in a portable packagerating

10/12/2019, 01:16:PM

If you're looking for a portable speaker that can keep up with you on all your adventures, take a look at Braven's BRV-Mini. Their small size hides big sound in a tough, but diminutive package.


Review: The Roborock S4 is here to make quick work of cleaningrating

10/09/2019, 02:52:PM

If you're busy or need a little extra help keeping your house clean, the Roborock S4 might be the robotic companion for you. This iPhone app-controlled vacuum can be set up to automatically vacuum your floors while you're at work or asleep, giving you a clean house with little effort on your behalf.


Review: Roli Songmaker Kit is a futuristic composer's dreamrating

10/08/2019, 07:07:PM

The Roli Songmaker Kit includes everything you need to create beats, music, and more with a pair of well-designed iOS apps and a trio of clever modular music-making blocks.


Review: macOS Catalina 10.15 is what Apple promised the Mac could be, and is a crucial upgraderating

10/07/2019, 01:00:PM

Apple's latest macOS 10.15 Catalina breathes a fresh new vitality into the last seven years of Macs and macOS.


Review: Anova Nano sous vide stick is a great iPhone-connected cooking gadgetrating

10/06/2019, 09:21:AM

The Anova Precision Cooker Nano is a fun, techy, and precise way took cook everything from creme brulee to steaks with your iPhone as your sous chef.


Review: The 10.2-inch iPad is more of the same, and that's not a bad thingrating

10/01/2019, 12:09:PM

Almost a footnote to the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, Apple announced the new seventh generation 10.2-inch iPad for 2019 at its "By innovation only" event. The new iPad isn't revelatory, and is an enlargement of an iteration that Apple delivered in 2018 with the education-focused sixth-generation iPad.


Review: 'Mario Kart Tour' on the iPhone and iPad falls short on nearly every frontrating

09/29/2019, 02:36:PM

Mario Kart Tour has raced onto the App Store, and it is an example of what not to do when converting a beloved franchise to mobile.