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Topic: BlackBerry

ITC rules in favor of Kodak in Apple patent suit

07/18/2011, 08:07 pm

The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled on Monday that Kodak did not infringe on Apple's patents, upholding an ITC judge's decision from May.


46% of smartphone buyers prefer Apple's iOS, 32% choose Google Android

07/18/2011, 08:07 am

Among consumers who plan to buy a smartphone in the next three months, the iPhone is the top choice, with nearly half of all prospective buyers choosing Apple.


Google Android continues growth streak over Apple's iPhone

07/05/2011, 09:07 pm

Google's Android mobile OS has continued to widen its lead on Apple's iOS in terms of U.S. smartphone subscribers, while Research in Motion and Microsoft have fallen even further behind, according to a new survey.


Apple's iPad commands 1% of all web traffic after just one year

07/04/2011, 07:07 pm

A new report indicates the iPad now holds a 1 percent share of global web browsing, more than 50 times greater than its closest competitor.


RIM forms committee to investigate CEO roles as exec's open letter calls for change

06/30/2011, 09:06 pm

Faced with strong pressure from investors and an open letter from an anonymous executive calling for a new CEO, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has agreed to establish a committee to look into the company's executive and board roles.


Nielsen: Apple's iPhone growing, Android flat as smartphone sales surge

06/30/2011, 03:06 pm

Smartphone sales in the U.S. have become a majority of new mobile phone sales, and Apple's iPhone is leading that growth while Android has plateaued, according to the latest data from Nielsen.


Direct revenue from mobile 'app stores' expected to top $14B in 2012

06/29/2011, 03:06 pm

Software sales from Apple's mobile App Store as well as competing options like the Android Market are expected to continue their huge growth in the coming years, reaching $14.1 billion in direct revenue in 2012 and nearly $40 billion by 2015.


RIM called a 'one-trick pony,' company's 'nightmare' seen as benefit to Apple

06/17/2011, 09:06 am

With Research in Motion's first quarter of fiscal 2012 officially in the books, analysts on Wall Street have begun to pile on the beleaguered smartphone maker, declaring its outlook bleak as competitors like Apple are poised to gain on its losses.


RIM hit by plummeting sales, prices and profits, announces layoffs

06/16/2011, 06:06 pm

Once a rising star among smartphones, Canadian Blackberry maker Research In Motion announced sharply lower profits related to product delays an intense competition, pushing it to sack workers while the market attacked the company's valuation.


IDC revises 2015 smartphone estimates, predicts iPhone share will drop to 16.9%

06/09/2011, 10:06 pm

IDC released new long-term forecasts for worldwide smartphone operating systems on Thursday, predicting that Apple's iPhone will fall from 18.2 percent market share in 2011 to 16.9 percent in 2015.


Apple's iPhone passes RIM's BlackBerry in US smartphone usage

06/03/2011, 03:06 pm

While the iPhone has outsold Research in Motion's BlackBerry line for some time now, a new survey found that Apple's handset has now surpassed RIM in terms of active U.S. users.


Launch of Apple's iCloud predicted to cause 'collateral damage' on RIM

06/03/2011, 10:06 am

The anticipated ability of Apple's iCloud network to take some processing and traffic burdens from wireless carriers' networks has been predicted by one analyst to cause "collateral damage" for rival handset maker Research in Motion.


JP Morgan: Apple's iPad rivals reduce build plans after 'early dose of reality'

06/01/2011, 03:06 am

A new investor report from J.P. Morgan on Wednesday indicates that Apple's competitors in the tablet market have reduced their build plans after receiving an "early dose of reality" in the form of lackluster sales.


US 'federal government 2.0' ditches BlackBerry, embraces Apple

05/31/2011, 10:05 am

A new story offers a look at how employees of the U.S. government are making major tech changes, trading BlackBerries for iPhones, and laptops for Apple's iPad.


As RIM continues to fall behind Apple, investors call for ouster of co-CEOs

05/30/2011, 11:05 am

With Apple's iPhone now significantly outperforming Research in Motion's BlackBerry line and the company struggling to respond, some investors have called for a change in leadership at the Canadian smartphone maker.


RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server to support Apple's iOS devices

05/02/2011, 12:05 pm

Research in Motion announced on Monday that it will update its BlackBerry Enterprise Server software to support Apple hardware running the iOS operating system, including the iPhone and iPad, as well as devices that run Google Android.


115% growth propels Apple to 5% share of global phone shipments

04/29/2011, 01:04 pm

The latest estimates for total mobile phone shipments worldwide place Apple in fourth place with 5 percent of the market, thanks to a record quarter and huge year over year growth for the iPhone.


Struggling RIM's gap in new BlackBerry products viewed as opportunity for Apple

04/29/2011, 09:04 am

As Research in Motion's struggles continue, delays in new BlackBerry product introductions are expected to chiefly benefit Apple and the growing market share of the iPhone.


RIM PlayBook launch disappoints; Intel earnings soar

04/19/2011, 11:04 pm

Research in Motion's lackluster launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet spooked investors on Tuesday. Meanwhile, record earnings bolstered Intel's confidence in continued growth of the PC market, even as CEO Paul Otellini admitted that tablets like Apple's iPad had cannibalized PC sales "a little bit."


RIM may top Google's $900M bid for Nortel patent 'treasure trove,' sources say

04/16/2011, 01:04 am

A new report claims BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is contemplating a bid that would top Google's $900 million offer for a valuable collection of patents from Nortel that include key technologies for the LTE 4G networking standard.