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Topic: BlackBerry

Briefly: RIM defends PlayBook; It Gets Better employee video; white iPhone 4

04/14/2011, 11:04 pm

Research in Motion executives spoke out in defense of the BlackBerry PlayBook, calling it "superior," while Apple employees from the LGBT community have posted a video for the It Gets Better project. Finally, Apple has again confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will launch this spring.


Review roundup: BlackBerry PlayBook a promising start, but not quite finished

04/13/2011, 11:04 pm

Ahead of the Apr. 19 launch of Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook, the first reviews have appeared, with reviewers recommending that consumers hold off on purchasing the 7-inch tablet due to the "rushed to market" feel of the device.


Gartner's iPhone, Android predictions radically revised in a year and a half

04/09/2011, 03:04 pm

Gartner recently issued a new prediction of the direction of the smartphone industry, but its last one from 2009 doesn't suggest the company has very accurate foresight.


Given a BlackBerry choice, 92% of Clorox employees picked iPhone

04/07/2011, 06:04 pm

As part of an effort to replace IT designated PCs and mobile phones with devices employees want, Clorox has dropped RIM's BlackBerry and workers have overwhelmingly selected iPhones instead.


Apple reportedly caused display shortage that delayed RIM PlayBook 1 month

04/07/2011, 01:04 am

A new report out of the Far East suggests that a one month delay to Research in Motion's PlayBook tablet may have been a result of Apple booking up most of the available touch panel production capacity.


Cheaper iPhone could give Apple control of China's smartphone market

03/30/2011, 09:03 am

A new survey shows that Apple is poised to capitalize on an explosion in sales of 3G smartphones in China, with the iPhone the most popular option, though lower prices could give it the lion's share of sales.


IDC predicts Windows Phone will top Apple's iOS in market share by 2015

03/29/2011, 02:03 pm

A new forecast of the global smartphone platform market from research firm IDC has predicted that Microsoft's Windows Phone platform will see a resurgence in the next four years, overtaking Apple's iOS platform which powers the iPhone.


Kodak says patent dispute with Apple worth more than $1B in royalties [u]

03/25/2011, 02:03 am

The CEO of Eastman Kodak told reporters Thursday that his company could receive more than $1 billion in royalty revenue if it can achieve a victory against Apple and Research in Motion in a patent dispute over digital camera technology used in the two companies' mobile devices.


RIM adds Android OS 2.3 app support to Playbook

03/24/2011, 08:03 pm

BlackBerry vendor RIM worked to distract from its weak future guidance by announcing that its upcoming Playbook tablet will indeed run Android 2.3 apps as was previously rumored.


Android tops RIM in US smartphone market share, Apple's iPhone third

03/07/2011, 03:03 pm

Google's Android surpassed Research in Motion's BlackBerry to become the largest mobile platform at the start of 2011, while Apple's iOS and iPhone took third before the Verizon iPhone 4 was released.


Analyst: Apple could benefit from Nokia, Microsoft partnership

02/11/2011, 08:02 pm

Commenting on Nokia's recent announcement that it will abandon its Symbian mobile operating system on smartphones in favor of Microsoft's Windows Phone OS, one analyst claimed that Apple could stand to benefit from the transition.


Nearly half of small business users accessing work email use iPhone

02/11/2011, 05:02 pm

A look at the email use of a quarter million business email users indicates that 48.5 percent of small business users who access email from their smartphone now use an iPhone.


RIM to craft PlayBook to run Android apps but fears Oracle lawsuit

02/10/2011, 08:02 pm

RIM plans to add support for running existing Android 2.x apps on its upcoming PlayBook tablet to narrow its "app gap," but also fears retribution from Oracle were it to use Android's Dalvik Virtual Machine to do so.


Google Android widens lead on Apple's iPhone in US smartphone market

02/07/2011, 08:02 pm

New data released Monday revealed that Google's Android mobile OS has widened its lead on Apple's iPhone and gained significantly on Research in Motion, the top smartphone platform in the US.


IDC: Apple still leads RIM as No. 2 worldwide smartphone maker

02/07/2011, 03:02 pm

Global smartphone sales have continued their explosive growth, topping 100 million total units last quarter, with Apple retaining second place among all vendors, according to IDC.


54% of Verizon's Android, Blackberry users to switch to iPhone, survey says

02/03/2011, 08:02 pm

More than half of Verizon's current Android and Blackberry users indicated they are likely to switch to the iPhone when it arrives on the Verizon network on Feb. 10, according to a new survey.


Apple's share of tablet market slides to 77%, Android rises to 22% [u]

01/31/2011, 06:01 am

Despite posting impressive sales of the iPad last quarter, Apple saw its tablet market share drop from 95 percent to 77 percent as shipments of Google Android-based tablets chipped away at the company's tablet dominance, a new report says.


Apple slips to 5th in global cell phone maker rankings

01/28/2011, 03:01 am

New data from IDC shows that Apple is among the top 5 mobile phone sellers worldwide for the second quarter in a row, though it slipped from fourth to fifth place.


Verizon BlackBerry glitch casts doubt on iPhone launch

01/26/2011, 11:01 pm

Though Verizon's executives have emphatically asserted that execution of the upcoming iPhone launch will be flawless, a recent glitch in BlackBerry data traffic on the network could be cause for concern, a new report claims.


iPhone, iPad extend lead over Android in mobile enterprise adoption

01/26/2011, 04:01 am

Enterprise mobile services vendor Good Technology reported a 64 percent increase in the iPad's share of all device activations over the past quarter among its more than 2,000 companies deploying mobile devices. The jump extended Apple's iOS lead over Android, with more than twice as many device activations over all of 2010.