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Topic: Centrino

Confirmed Intel delay will push back MacBook overhauls

05/28/2008, 01:05 pm

Intel Corp. has confirmed that it will delay volume shipments of its upcoming "Montevina" Centrino 2 mobile platform by as much as two months, which will push a release of Apple's redesigned MacBook notebooks to late summer at the earliest.


3G iPhone shell photos; possible Centrino 2 delay

05/27/2008, 05:05 pm

Photos have surfaced of an accessory maker's purported reference model for the 3G iPhone. Also, Intel may have stalled the launch of its Centrino 2 mobile platform, potentially affecting the release of future MacBooks.


Apple seeks expert in WiMAX; impromptu 5th Ave. lineup; more

05/22/2008, 06:05 pm

Apple is on the hunt for an engineer familiar with WiMAX, Ultra-wideband, and other next-generation wireless technologies. Meanwhile, confusion reigned on Thursday as a lineup appeared at the Fifth Avenue store without warning, Oppenheimer Funds has opened its coverage of Apple, and a thief of 330 iPhones has agreed to surrender to local police.


WSJ on touch BlackBerry; Intel 4-core; T-Mobile at 100K iPhones

05/15/2008, 06:05 pm

A report by the Wall Street Journal further kindles rumors of a touchscreen BlackBerry going toe-to-toe with the iPhone this year. Meanwhile, T-Mobile Germany reports selling more than 100,000 iPhones since launch, Singapore Airlines offers passengers iPhone- and iPod-friendly in-seat entertainment, and Intel's first quad-core notebook chip may fit systems like the MacBook Pro.


Intel ships Apple-bound Atom, hints at 2009 notebook platform

04/02/2008, 06:04 pm

At the spring edition of its bi-annual Developer Forum, Intel has released the first Atom processors, some of which should reach Apple's ultra-mobile devices. The company has also provided first clues as to the future of the Centrino platform that will form the basis of next year's Macs.