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Topic: ChangeWave

iPhone 4 owners report fewer dropped calls than iPhone 3GS

08/04/2010, 11:08 am

A new survey of iPhone 4 users has found that owners of Apple's latest handset have experienced fewer dropped calls than those who own an iPhone 3GS, suggesting the real-world impact of the iPhone 4 antenna issue is a non-factor.


AT&T defensively publishes private dropped call data

07/21/2010, 05:07 pm

While Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs said AT&T wouldn't let him reveal its proprietary data about dropped call statistics for competitive reasons, the mobile provider has revealed some numbers in an effort to defend its network from poor dropped call scores collected by ChangeWave.


Survey: iPhone killing interest in RIM, satisfying more users than Android

07/14/2010, 07:07 pm

A survey asking than 4,000 users about their future plans to buy a smartphone and their current satisfaction with their existing phone indicates Apple is erasing interest in BlackBerry devices among consumers while its iPhones continue to leave customers far more satisfied than any other smartphone on the market.


Interest in Amazon Kindle wanes after Apple iPad unveiling

03/05/2010, 12:03 pm

While most who currently own an e-reader have a Kindle from Amazon, a new survey found that a majority of consumers who intend to buy an e-reader in the near future will opt instead for the Apple iPad.


Consumers reluctant to spend above $700 for Apple tablet - study

01/21/2010, 03:01 pm

While consumer interest in Apple's forthcoming tablet is high, a price north of $700 could turn off many potential buyers, a new survey has found.


Apple, RIM to benefit from shift away from basic cell phones - study

02/07/2008, 11:02 am

Record numbers of consumers are abandoning their basic cell phones for more advanced models -- with Research-in-Motion and Apple the primary beneficiaries, according to ChangeWave’s latest consumer cell phone survey.


Study: Leopard satisfaction driving "explosive" Mac sales

01/17/2008, 01:01 pm

High levels of customer satisfaction with Apple's new Leopard operating system are spurring "explosive sales" of the company's Mac computer line, a new consumer spending survey has revealed.


Apple's Leopard to boost Mac sales while Dell, HP slump: report

12/11/2007, 06:12 pm

Mac OS X Leopard will drive Apple computer sales to record levels in the next few months while both Dell and HP are mired in sinking or largely stagnant demand, according to a new report from ChangeWave Research.


Study: iPhone already nibbling away at Motorola's lead

10/18/2007, 12:10 pm

Although it's been on the shelf for just three months, the impact of iPhone is clearly being felt by rival phone manufacturers, according to a new study which claims that Apple's cell phone market share is already on the rise at the expense of Motorola.


Apple seeing "unprecedented" surge in MacBook demand

08/21/2007, 07:08 pm

The media frenzy surrounding the iPhone may have helped Apple claim a record share of customers for its portable line at the expense of its rivals Dell and HP, says a new survey from ChangeWave.