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Topic: developer

Apple extends iOS 13 app update deadline to June amid pandemic

03/26/2020, 06:03 pm

As the world grapples with COVID-19, Apple on Thursday informed developers that its app update requirements for iOS 13 have been extended from April 30 to June 30.


Apple Developer app updated ahead of all-digital WWDC 2020

03/26/2020, 03:03 pm

The Apple Developer used to watch video presentations about developer tools and view up-to-date information about APIs has been updated with some handy features before June's WWDC.


App Store rolls out universal purchase support for Mac apps

03/23/2020, 10:03 pm

Apple on Monday activated a new App Store feature that allows developers to include macOS versions of their apps as a universal purchase alongside iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS iterations.


Siri voices could be customizable by developers in iOS 14

03/10/2020, 09:03 am

Apple may allow developers to add their own voice synthesizers within iOS itself, a rumor claims, opening up the possibility of users being able to install custom voices that could affect how Siri sounds on an iPhone or iPad in the future.


Apple updates App Store guidelines, sets iOS 13 SDK requirement

03/04/2020, 02:03 pm

Apple on Wednesday made a number of changes to its App Store Review guidelines and is requiring all apps submitted use the iOS 13 SDK on April 30.


Apple's China game license check will pinch indie developers

02/27/2020, 08:02 am

Developers are concerned over Apple's sudden decision to start checking game licenses issued by the Chinese government for titles with in-app purchases, as the new requirement may force many games to be delisted in the regional App Store due to not having the authorization.


Apple lays groundwork to use iPhone as a car key via NFC

02/05/2020, 02:02 pm

Apple is seemingly taking the first steps to making an iPhone or Apple Watch function as a key for a car or van, with the presence of references to a "CarKey" API within the first iOS 13.4 beta indicating it could be used to unlock or even start a vehicle.


Blix trying to get other 'Sherlocking' victims to fight Apple in court

02/04/2020, 12:02 pm

The developer of BlueMail is asking other developers of iOS and macOS apps to call out Apple's "Sherlocking" practice, when it incorporates features from other apps and services, in the belief it's unfair for Apple to take another's ideas "without permission, payment, or credit."


Apple extends developer program fee waivers to 8 countries

02/03/2020, 08:02 pm

Apple on Monday announced an immediate expansion to Developer Program fee waiver incentives, allowing eligible institutions in eight countries the option of foregoing a usual yearly charge.


Apple will enforce app notarization for macOS Catalina in February

12/23/2019, 01:12 pm

Apple has warned developers it will be reinstating the app notarization requirements it set out for macOS Catalina, with the transition period affecting macOS software distributed outside the Mac App Store ending at the start of February 2020.


Apple open-sources HomeKit Accessory Development Kit to spur adoption, grow new standard

12/19/2019, 12:12 am

Apple has published an open-source version of its HomeKit Accessory Development Kit, allowing more users to experiment with the development of HomeKit accessories. The release is designed to accelerate development of a new universal smart home standard created by a consortium of companies including Apple, Amazon, Google and the Zigbee Alliance.


Chinese app makers can now enroll in Apple Developer Program through Apple Developer app

12/17/2019, 05:12 pm

Apple on Tuesday updated its new Apple Developer app to support Developer Program enrollment for coders based in mainland China, offering the feature as an app-based renewable subscription for the first time.


Apple adds subscription renewal failures to server notifications from App Store Connect

11/22/2019, 12:11 pm

Apple has made the server-to-server notifications feature of App Store Connect more useful for developers, with it now providing alerts for when a customer's subscription fails to renew, as well as when it is resolved.


Apple shifts iOS 14 development strategy to cut buggy releases

11/21/2019, 09:11 am

Apple is allegedly adjusting how it develops its operating systems internally, shifting to generating new builds of iOS, iPadOS, and others to make more of an effort to try and catch bugs and issues that have affected software updates that ship to the public.


Apple will add more to Catalyst to help support Mac developers

10/24/2019, 03:10 pm

Apple's Catalyst technology is still new, and raw, according to some developers. But, Apple is listening, is taking complaints to heart, and will enhance the product along the way.


Apple marks first year of its Entrepreneur Camp training program

10/23/2019, 09:10 am

Celebrating its work with companies founded and led by women, Apple says it has seen 100 entrepreneurs from 13 countries attend its program of coding, support and mentorship. Applications to join in the second year are now open.


Apple warns developers of upcoming App Store Connect outage

10/16/2019, 01:10 pm

Apple has alerted developers to an upcoming maintenance period for the Apple Store's tools and services, with access to App Store Connect and the Developer ID notary service set to be unavailable for up to eight hours on Sunday.


Apple simplifies developer content uploads with Transporter app for Mac

10/15/2019, 05:10 pm

Apple on Tuesday released on the Mac App Store a revamped version of its Transporter developer tool for macOS, delivering an easier method of transferring a variety of content types to the company for final consumption on one of its online stores.


Apple releases Catalina 10.15 GM seed to developers for testing

10/03/2019, 01:10 pm

Apple has released what is likely the release candidate of macOS Catalina to beta testers, in a final push to eradicate launch bugs.


First developer beta of watchOS 6.1, ninth macOS Catalina beta now available [u]

09/23/2019, 01:09 pm

In the continuing beta testing of Apple's latest and greatest operating systems, the company has made available the first developer test version of watchOS 6.1, and the ninth beta of macOS Catalina.