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Topic: FaceTime

iFixit completes early teardown of iPhone 4

06/23/2010, 02:06 am

To obtain one of the first iPhone 4 smartphones for teardown, Kyle of the iFixit team flew to Japan with a tent, planning to camp out in front of the Ginza Apple Store. FedEx ended up delivering early shipments to some users two days in advance, making the trip unnecessary.


First reviews of iPhone 4 hit big-name newspapers (u)

06/22/2010, 06:06 pm

The first reviews of iPhone 4 are beginning to appear, including Walt Mossberg's in the Wall Street Journal, David Pogue's in the New York Times and Ed Baig's in USA Today.


iPhone 4 FaceTime video calls won't use cell minutes

06/20/2010, 06:06 pm

An Apple representative has clarified that the new FaceTime video calls won't use up carrier minutes, even when a video chat is originated during a phone call.


Chat services take wait-and-see approach to adopting Apple's FaceTime

06/09/2010, 03:06 pm

After Apple this week announced its new open standard for video calling, dubbed FaceTime, major online chat providers have expressed interest in the new standards-based technology, but do not yet have plans to adopt it in their own services.


Inside iPhone 4: FaceTime video calling

06/08/2010, 06:06 pm

Playing up his characteristic "one more thing" showmanship, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs introduced FaceTime for the new iPhone 4 as an easy to use video chat app that works over WiFi. Here's why it matters, how it's open, why it's currently WiFi only, and how it stacks up to other Voice over IP video calling apps such as Skype.


Apple announces open standard FaceTime video chat for iPhone 4

06/07/2010, 02:06 pm

Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced his trademark "one more thing" on Monday by making a video call to the company's designer Jony Ive through a service called FaceTime, which Apple aims to make an open industry standard.