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Topic: iTunes LP

Apple halting new iTunes LP content as of April, pulling existing bundles [u]

03/06/2018, 11:03 am

Apple will no longer accept any new iTunes LP content after March, and the company will in fact be removing existing content from the iTunes Store throughout 2018, a report indicated on Tuesday, which was later confirmed by the company.


Steve Jobs: iTunes LP, Extra coming to iOS Apple TV

11/02/2010, 05:11 pm

After its transition into an iOS device, Apple TV lost the ability to display iTunes LP and Extras, but support is on the way according to an email attributed to Apple's chief executive.


Apple's iTunes LP concept hatched by labels, sales disappoint

03/09/2010, 03:03 pm

The iTunes LP format introduced by Apple last year was the brainchild of record labels looking to increase sales of whole albums, but sales thus far have been soft, a new report alleges.


Apple offers free taste of iTunes LP format with 'Holiday Sampler'

12/10/2009, 04:12 pm

Apple is promoting its new iTunes LP format with a free downloadable selection of 20 holiday songs from a variety of popular artists.


Apple launches iTunes Music Movies with exclusive content

11/04/2009, 08:11 am

Apple has begun to promote music-themed movies on the iTunes Store with a new landing page, a place the company plans to fill with exclusive content.


Apple releases Apple TV 3.0 software with redesigned interface

10/29/2009, 02:10 pm

Apple on Thursday introduced its new Apple TV 3.0 software, which features a redesigned main menu that makes navigating content simpler and faster, the company says.


Apple TV 3.0 software update to support iTunes LP, Extras

10/29/2009, 09:10 am

Apple has updated the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions to reference a forthcoming 3.0 software update for the Apple TV, which will allow viewing of iTunes LP and iTunes Extras content.


Michael Jackson's posthumous album will be on Apple's iTunes

10/14/2009, 01:10 pm

Sony and the estate of Michael Jackson reportedly will allow the artist's new album to be sold on the iTunes Music Store, dispelling a rumor to the contrary that surfaced early Wednesday.


Apple plans to open iTunes LP for independent labels

10/13/2009, 12:10 pm

Responding to criticism that the iTunes LP format has been priced out of reach for independent musicians and labels, Apple has said it plans to open the format in the near future.


Apple criticized over iTunes LP development costs

10/09/2009, 04:10 pm

Critics are lambasting Apple over its new iTunes LP format, charging that the company has priced indies out of the game by charging a production fee of $10,000 to develop the interactive titles. Content authors are likely to view the fees as absurdly low, however.


Ballmer teases iPhone-toting employee; iTunes LP comic book

09/11/2009, 11:09 am

A Microsoft employee who snapped a photo of Steve Ballmer at a company meeting was given a ribbing by the company executive; and the first iTunes LP e-book is for sale in the form of a comic with multimedia extras.


Apple unveils cleaner iTunes 9 with app management, LPs, and more

09/09/2009, 01:09 pm

The latest version of iTunes brings improved syncing and application management, allows easier sharing of content, features a redesigned iTunes Store, and includes enhanced albums in the form of iTunes LPs.


Apple to debut iTunes LP alongside launch of iTunes 9

09/09/2009, 11:09 am

iTunes LP, likely the official name of Apple's "Cocktail" project designed to spur sales of full albums, is expected to be officially unveiled at today's media event along with iTunes 9.