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Topic: PowerBook

How the MacBook Pro keyboard service program compares to Apple's others

06/26/2018, 03:06 pm

Apple has acknowledged the need to do something about its butterfly keyboards in the MacBook and MacBook Pro. AppleInsider takes a look at how the latest repair program compares to some others throughout Apple history.


25 years ago, Apple's board of directors pushed out CEO John Sculley

06/18/2018, 02:06 pm

The CEO who famously won a power struggle with Steve Jobs in 1985 surrendered the chief executive position a quarter-century ago, placing the executive in a unique, strange purgatory.


Apple posts Accessibility, MacBook Pro design videos on YouTube

10/27/2016, 04:10 pm

With Apple's "Hello Again" Mac release event in the past, the company has posted two versions of Accessibility video that started the keynote, as well as a video recapping most of Apple's portable history, plus an Ive-narrated MacBook Pro design video featuring the Touch Bar.


Apple to drop support for certain G4 Macs, Xserves

02/05/2009, 04:02 pm

Apple next month will discontinue repair support for a number of aging Macs powered by PowerPC G4 processors as well as a handful of Xserve products.


Apple thriving on 25th anniversary of the Mac

01/24/2009, 02:01 pm

Born at a time when people assumed desktop computers were all about text, the primarily visual Macintosh is marking its 25th anniversary on a mostly high note with some of its best-ever sales and influence beyond just desktop computers.