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Apple posts Accessibility, MacBook Pro design videos on YouTube

With Apple's "Hello Again" Mac release event in the past, the company has posted two versions of Accessibility video that started the keynote, as well as a video recapping most of Apple's portable history, plus an Ive-narrated MacBook Pro design video featuring the Touch Bar.

The first pair of videos features Sady Paulson using a variety of control switches intended for computing accessibility for the disabled available from the Apple accessibility store to edit a video without needing to interface with a keyboard. One version features audio descriptions, narrating the events in the video, and the other does not.

A third video features the design evolution of portable Macs through the years. There are some notable omissions, like the original $6500 Mac Portable that pre-dated the PowerBook 100, the PowerBook 3400-style chassis, and the "Pismo" G3 PowerBook, but most of the major iterations were hit in the minute-long video.

The first of the two Touch Bar-centric videos posted demonstrates the bar itself and how it supplements an existing keyboard, as well as enhances workflows through smart implementation of the new input method.

The final video posted by Apple features Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive narrating design choices made in the new MacBook Pro lineup, touching on interior features, and lingering on the Touch Bar.

The 2016 MacBook Pro family, announced today, is a major redesign to Apple's flagship notebook, and comes in screen sizes of 13 and 15 inches, with core models starting at $1,799 and shipping in two to three weeks. AppleInsider was at the event, and was able to spend some time with all the latest hardware.