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iPad Pro (2020) versus MacBook Air (2020): Performance & features

04/06/2020, 02:04 pm

More than ever before, Apple's iPad Pro and MacBook Air are competitors as hardware and software advances. AppleInsider pits them against one another to highlight the biggest differences to see which is the better buy.


Compared: 2020 MacBook Air i3 versus MacBook Air i7

04/03/2020, 03:04 pm

The MacBook Air is again available with an i7 processor. We've benchmarked the base 2020 MacBook Air with i3 processor, and the high-end quad-core i7 MacBook Air to see how much of a performance difference there -- and to see if the i7 is worth the higher price tag.


Review: 2020 MacBook Air is once again the computer for the rest of us

03/31/2020, 11:03 am

After incremental updates in 2018 and 2019, the MacBook Air returned to prominence in 2020 with upgraded internals, a new keyboard, and a price drop to boot.


Apple to debut multiple ARM MacBook, desktop models in 2021

03/26/2020, 11:03 pm

Apple is predicted to integrate its custom ARM processors into multiple Mac models in 2021, with designs spanning both Mac desktops and MacBooks, according to TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


macOS 10.15.4 brings enhanced HDR support, custom reference modes for Pro Display XDR

03/25/2020, 02:03 pm

The newly released macOS 10.15.4 Catalina update for Mac has delivered improved support for any high dynamic range monitor as well as customized reference modes for the Pro Display XDR.


Apple sets global purchase limits on iPhones, new iPads, and Macs

03/19/2020, 01:03 pm

Apple has set limits on the number of new iPad Pro and Mac devices, as well as current iPhone models, that users can order from its online storefront across the globe.


Here's how long the COVID-19 virus can live on your Mac, iPhone, keyboard, or Amazon box

03/17/2020, 03:03 pm

We can't tell you precisely how many minutes the 2019 Novel Coronavirus can survive on your iPhone, Mac, keyboard or shipment from Amazon -- but there are estimates that give good guidance on what you should do if you think your device has been exposed.


Mac Pro still poorly supported by Apple Store Genius Bar months after launch

03/12/2020, 09:03 am

The limited production and penetration of the Mac Pro has an unfortunate side-effect -- much of Apple's service network is unable to support the machine properly if something goes wrong.


Review: Zendure SuperHub combines a USB-C hub & a multi-charger into one for iPad or Mac

03/09/2020, 03:03 pm

SuperHub is the latest product from Zendure which is a small credit card-sized adapter that not only can act as a multi-device charger, but a USB-C hub for your Mac, iPad, or other USB-C device. We got an early look to check it out.


ARM Mac Pro coming sooner rather than later, says Jean-Louis Gassee

03/09/2020, 11:03 am

Jean-Louis Gassee has changed his mind about the ARM Mac shift, and now believes that an ARM Mac Pro is the inevitable endpoint -- and is not that far away.


Mac mini, iMac, iMac Pro, or Mac Pro - which desktop Mac to buy in March 2020

03/05/2020, 12:03 pm

Apple used to keep its lineup of desktop Macs simple, but now it blurs the lines between models -- and it's always just about to bring out new versions. Here's how to decide what's best for you, and when to buy it.


Prolific anime director profiled in new 'Behind the Mac' video

03/05/2020, 10:03 am

Apple has continued its 'Behind the Mac' campaign in Japan by sticking with its current focus on animation, publishing a new video featuring Japanese animator, film-maker, and director of anime film 'Your Name' Makoto Shinkai.


Why Apple will move Macs to ARM, and what consumers get

02/25/2020, 12:02 pm

There are obvious hardware benefits if and when Apple shifts to ARM processors, and also underlying software ones, which mean that the move is going to bring advantages both to the company and to us.


Review: Twelve South Curve SE is a minimalist Mac stand

02/21/2020, 02:02 pm

Twelve South's newest pedestal for MacBook may look similar to the company's previous Curve stand. It does, however, boast a new sleek white appearance that is a rarity among MacBook stands.


Apple considering allowing third-party apps to replace defaults on iOS, HomePod

02/20/2020, 07:02 am

The HomePod may be opened up to third-party music services, and Apple may also allow iOS users to permanently swap the default email and browser apps for alternatives.


Live Apple Music lyrics arrives on Mac with second macOS 10.15.4 beta

02/19/2020, 08:02 pm

Following a launch alongside iOS 13 in September, Apple Music's lyrics visualizer debuted on Mac this week with the second beta release of macOS 10.15.4, granting users direct access to real-time, scrolling song lyrics.


Larry Tesler, who showed Steve Jobs around Xerox PARC, dies aged 74

02/19/2020, 10:02 am

Computer scientist Larry Tesler was the inventor of copy-and-paste as we know it today, and was also the guide that showed Steve Jobs the Xerox PARC systems that would inspire the Macintosh.


Apple 16-Inch MacBook Pro vs Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen 2 - portable power head to head

01/24/2020, 10:01 am

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is an exceptional machine that caters well to Apple's audience. But for those that consider themselves platform-agnostic, there are other similar machines that are worth considering. Let's compare the new 16-inch MacBook Pro to one of those machines from Lenovo.


Mac shipments continue to slide in Q4 as PC market grows

01/13/2020, 07:01 pm

Apple's share of the worldwide PC market continued a year-long downward trend amidst a wider industry rebound, as Mac shipments shrank in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to estimates released on Monday by market research firms Gartner and IDC


macOS Catalina beta build suggests upcoming 'Pro Mode'

01/13/2020, 03:01 pm

Some snooping around in the new macOS Catalina 10.15.3 beta build has unearthed references to "Pro Mode," which could be used to temporarily boost the performance of macOS systems such as the MacBook Pro.