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Ad for Apple's redesigned Remote iOS app appears briefly on iTunes Store

A banner advertisement has been spotted on Apple's Colombian iTunes Store showing what appears to be a redesigned icon for Apple's Remote iOS app, hinting that the popular title may soon see an iOS 7-style refresh.


Apple's Remote ad as seen in the Colombian iTunes Store. | Source: MacRumors

The ad tile has been showing up "occasionally" in the OS X iTunes Store for Colombia, reports MacRumors, suggesting Apple is planning to release a redesigned version of the app. Apple recently revamped a majority of its first-party iOS apps to fit in with the new design aesthetic seen in iOS 7.

While not hard evidence of a Remote refresh, the ad's icon matches a graphical asset displayed in the latest version of iTunes when linking a new remote control device.

Apple's Remote has been well-received since its launch in 2008. The latest version of the app was last updated in 2012, when Up Next was introduced as an easier way to manage playlists on a host computer. That iteration also brought a few design tweaks, but the next-generation Remote will likely be overhauled to match iOS 7's clean new look.

Remote can currently be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store.