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Friday Labs ships crowdfunded smart lock, adds HomeKit compatibility

Two years after a successful funding round on Indiegogo, startup Friday Labs on Tuesday said it began shipping its HomeKit-enabled Friday smart lock to backers, while at the same time opening pre-orders to new customers.

Announced through the company's webpage, the Friday smart lock is now shipping out to backers of the original crowdfunding campaign that officially ended in May 2015.

In the intervening years, Friday Labs tacked on a few new features as hardware development progressed, including support for Apple's HomeKit smart home platform.

Like other retrofit smart lock offerings, Friday lock contains a battery powered motor and communications circuitry in its compact replaceable shell. The entire unit attaches atop an existing deadbolt using a universal metal baseplate system.

Host devices pair over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, while HomeKit takes care of home automation duties like locking the door at specific times or unlocking when a user approaches. HomeKit also means owners who have an Apple TV or compatible iPad can lock and unlock their door remotely using Siri commands.

An accompanying app enables remote locking and unlocking as well as key access sharing. For example, users can issue — and later revoke, if necessary — virtual keys to friends and family. The app also lets owners track lock activity throughout the day, while support for notifications and alerts enhances security.

For those who missed the Indiegogo campaign, Friday lock is available for $249 in a range of shell materials through the company's website. Units purchased today ship out in three to four weeks.