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Topic: Microsoft Office

Microsoft reveals Office for Mac 2011 will be 32-bit only

06/09/2010, 10:06 am

Set for release this fall, Microsoft's forthcoming Office for Mac 2011 will only be available as a 32-bit product because it hasn't completely transitioned to Cocoa for Mac OS X.


MacBU moving into Microsoft Business Division

05/26/2010, 03:05 pm

As part of its corporate infrastructure shakeup revealed this week, Microsoft will consolidate its Mac Business Unit -- the team that produces software for Mac OS X -- into the company's Business Division.


Microsoft's Office 2011 beta 3 for Mac gets new icons

05/25/2010, 01:05 pm

Microsoft has issued a third release of its private beta program for Office 2011 for Mac, which is expected to reach production by the end of the year.


Road to Office 2011: New looks, support for Exchange, VBA

05/06/2010, 04:05 pm

Microsoft's forthcoming Office for Mac 2011 promises greater feature parity with its Windows version, including improved support for Exchange and reincorporated support for Visual Basic for Applications, a feature that was dropped in Office 2008. It also shares more in common with the the look of Office 2010 for Windows, which is also currently in beta.


Road to Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac: A New Hope

04/30/2010, 11:04 am

It's been just over two years since Microsoft released Office 2008 for Mac. Now the company is preparing to launch its 2011 edition in significantly less time than it took to update Office 2004, this time delivering an application interface sporting a sharper and more professional look. Here's an early introductory look at what's coming.


Office for Mac 2011 to feature co-authoring, ribbon interface

02/11/2010, 01:02 pm

Microsoft on Thursday detailed some of the new features in its forthcoming Office for Mac 2011 suite, including co-authoring tools, Web apps, and a redesigned ribbon interface more consistent with its Windows counterpart.


Steve Jobs: iPad to offer Word support, $10 e-books, 6 days of music

01/29/2010, 10:01 am

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs revealed after Wednesday's iPad unveiling that the device will offer "the same" prices on e-books as Amazon's Kindle, the Pages app can export documents in Microsoft Word format, and it will offer nearly 6 days of continuous music playback.


Microsoft loses patent appeal, must halt sale of Office by Jan. 11

12/22/2009, 03:12 pm

Microsoft on Tuesday lost an appeal to be able to continue selling its popular Word software, which has been found in violation of a patent related to XML.


Black Friday Deals: Office, Fusion, Parallels, CS4, QuickBooks

11/27/2009, 01:11 am

This year's Black Friday Mac software deals include savings of over $300 on Office 2008 for Mac, 78% off student editions of Creative Suite 4.0, $30 off Parallels 5.0 and Fusion 3.0, $40 off Photoshop Elements 4.0, and $50 off QuickBooks 2010.


Court allows Microsoft to keep selling Word during appeal

09/04/2009, 08:09 am

Microsoft's request to an appeals court that the company be able to sell its popular software Word during an ongoing appeal was granted this week.


Microsoft says Office 2010, Outlook for Mac coming next year

08/13/2009, 11:08 am

When Office 2010 for Mac launches late next year, the software suite's program Entourage will be replaced by a brand new version of Outlook built from the ground up.


Judge orders Microsoft to stop selling Word

08/12/2009, 02:08 pm

A judge has ruled that Microsoft cannot sell its flagship document processing application, Word, to customers, in a ruling stemming from a U.S. patent infringement lawsuit.


Office 2008 for Mac SP2 improves speed and stability

07/20/2009, 10:07 am

Microsoft is set to release its second service pack for Office 2008 on Mac, bringing improved stability, speed, and new features, such as increased connectivity with the Web-based Office Live Workspace.


Microsoft takes aim at Google with online Office suite

07/13/2009, 10:07 am

Microsoft on Monday announced plans to begin widespread testing of a new version of its market-leading productivity suite for Windows PCs that will tie into a series of new Web-based Office applications similar to those offered by rival Google.


Microsoft offering Office 2008 free trial for Mac users

04/14/2009, 03:04 pm

Microsoft's Mac Business Unit this week is making available to Mac users a "fully functional, no strings attached" free trial of Office 2008 so that prospective buyers and users of previous versions can 'kick the tires' on new suite before plunking down the cash for a permanent copy.


Microsoft optimistic about Office making its way to iPhone

04/02/2009, 04:04 pm

Microsoft still holds aspirations of delivering a version of its leading Office suite capable of running on the iPhone but needs a bit more time to get it all sorted out.


Black Friday: Office 2008, Parallels, Quicken, Adobe

11/28/2008, 03:11 am

A handful of Mac software developers are offering special savings for Black Friday, including Parallels, Intuit, and Adobe. The deepest discount comes from Microsoft, which has cut the price of Office 2008 for Mac Special Media Edition by $330, bringing the cost down to $169.99.


Microsoft updates Office 2004 and Office 2008 for Mac

08/12/2008, 05:08 pm

Microsoft on Tuesday released stability and performance updates for Office 2004 and Office 2008 for Mac, both of which also patch vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to overwrite the contents of a computer's memory by using malicious code.


iPhone reception; Australian Mac sales boom; 30% off Office 2008

08/12/2008, 01:08 pm

AT&T is investigating reports from iPhone 3G users who claim their new phones can't maintain a solid 3G signal. Meanwhile, new figures show a huge jump in Apple's share of the Australian PC market. And Microsoft is offering students up to 30% off Office 2008 with the purchase of a new Mac.


Microsoft releases new updates for Office 2004, 2008 for Mac

06/25/2008, 09:06 am

Microsoft on Tuesday evening released a new update for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac that bundles a number changes aimed at improving the overall stability and performance of the new productivity suite. Separately, it issued a patch for Office 2004 for Mac that allows the older software to support documents saved by newer versions of Office.