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Jobs: No plan for satellite radio in iPod\'s future

Apple chief executive, Steve Jobs, has reportedly turned down requests from Sirius Satellite Radio to add satellite radio capabilities to iPods.

Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio, has had discussions with Apple about incorporating satellite radio into iPods, but Apple at this time is not interested in adding such a feature, reports the Financial Times.

Karmazin reportedly told a conference in New York that Steve Jobs currently did not believe iPod users needed anything other than the ability to download thousands of songs. Still, he acknowledged that Apple might change its mind in the future, especially if satellite radio provided more interesting content.

\"Whether you put satellite radio in a cell phone, video game or MP3 player this could be an enhancement,\" Karmazin said.

According to a J.P. Morgan\'s survey of more than 1,600 people, taken in December 2004, 35 percent said they had interest in subscribing to satellite radio. However, this figure is down from the 43 percent who expressed such an interest in a May 2004 poll, suggesting that Satellite Radio may have already reached its peak.