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Discovery Channel content arrives on iTunes

Discovery Communications on Tuesday announced that content from its family of networks is now available for purchase on Apple Computer\'s iTunes Music Store.

The offering includes more than a dozen series from the Discovery Channel, as well as TLC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Discovery Health Channel and Discovery Kids.

\"Now, new possibilities are opened for people who want to use Discovery\'s high-quality knowledge-rich content on the go, while we also promote Discovery\'s television networks,\" said Don Baer, Senior Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development, Discovery Communications. \"Wherever they are and whenever they want, consumers can use the iPod to learn and be entertained with Discovery\'s content about people, places, cultures, science, health and much more.\"

Focused on providing informative and compelling content that people can use to enrich and improve their lives, the Discovery programming available on iTunes includes: \"World\'s Best\" travel series, \"Nation Parks Short Films\" and \"Passport to Europe\" from the Travel Channel; \"Amazing Babies\" and \"Pregnancy for Dummies\" from Discovery Health; and \"Kenny the Shark\" and \"Save-UMS\" from Discovery Kids.

Additional series will include \"Mythbusters,\" \"Extreme Engineering\" and \"Shark Week\" from Discovery Channel, as well as \"Most Extreme\" and \"Breed All About It\" from Animal Planet.

Discovery will also offer \"vignettes\" through the free podcasting feature on iTunes. These will include behind the scenes footage from Discovery Channel\'s \"Deadliest Catch\" and parenting and family relationship tips from TLC\'s \"Shalom in the Home.\"

The announcement follows a series of new media initiatives by Discovery aimed at delivering content to consumers wherever they are.

Last month, the company launched the first of its U.S. broadband channels, Discovery Channel Beyond and Travel Channel Beyond, as well as Discovery Mobile, a 24- hour mobile programming network designed specifically for portable platforms, which will debut in the third quarter of 2006.