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Briefly: Apple TV tops best seller list at Apple Store


With just one week of sales under its belt, Apple Inc.'s new Apple TV set-top streaming media hub has claimed the top slot on the company's list of best selling items.

According to a ranking of best selling products on the Apple online store (right sidebar), Apple TV over the past week outsold all versions of the company's popular iPod digital music players, including the ubiquitous iPod nano.

Based on rough calculations performed by AppleInsider — which assumes conservatively that only 10 percent of iPod sales are generated through its online store — Apple TV pre-orders during the first 7 days totaled in excess of 70,000.

A recent report from overseas stated Apple's initial order of 100,000 Apple TV units was due to begin shipping State-side later this month, suggesting that initial sales of the device may be exceeding the company's own internal expectations.

At the same time, it should be noted that sales of 100,000 Apple TVs would only represent an incremental $30 million in revenue for the Cupertino-based company, which would not materially impact its quarterly financials.

Should Apple TV maintain its initial sales pace, total units for Apple's second fiscal quarter of 2007 could top 500,000 and contribute significantly to earnings.