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iPhone coming to 10 more Latin American countries on Aug 22

America Movil said this week it will launch the iPhone in 10 additional Latin American countries later this month, bringing the roster of nations known to be participating in Apple's second phase iPhone 3G launch to 17.

The carrier, which already offers the touch-screen handset to subscribers in Mexico, said it will expand distribution on August 22nd to Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

America Movil joins several other international wireless carriers who announced plans Wednesday (1, 2) to deliver iPhone 3G on August 22nd to a combined 7 additional countries, including India, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Philippines.

That leaves just three slots for the second-phase iPhone 3G launch unaccounted for. During a recent conference call with analyst, Apple said it would use August 22nd to expand iPhone availability to 20 more countries. It currently offers the device in 22 nations worldwide.

America Movil, the largest corporation in Latin America and the fifth largest mobile network operator in the world, services over 152 million wireless subscribers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Apple plans a third phase of its iPhone 3G expansion sometime later this year.