Apple releases MacBook Air update to fix processor idling bug

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Apple on Friday night released an update for the MacBook Air meant to resolve a longstanding problem with processor idling as well as one with video playback.

The plainly titled MacBook Air Update (368KB) addresses a problem reported by users on Apple's support forums and elsewhere in which one of the two Core 2 Duo processors would shut down when heat became an issue, significantly slowing down the system until it cooled down.

The fix also mends some problems with video playback on the ultraportable notebooks.

Apple is careful to warn that third-party utilities used to adjust the clock speed and voltage of the processor may create problems and should be uninstalled before applying the update.

Regardless of whether or not the problem is apparent, Apple recommends the update for all MacBook Air owners and requires Mac OS X 10.5.4 or later.


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