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Apple investigating problems with MacBook Pro's glass trackpad


A new buyer of Apple's uninbody notebooks emailed Steve Jobs about issues he was having with the unit's new glass trackpad and hinge, and reports getting a prompt reply via the telephone addressing his problems.

The main issue he reported was the new trackpad's failure to register every physical click, a problem AppleInsider noted in its in-depth review. The Apple representative that called back reported that the company is looking into the complaints, but has no immediate resolution.

The user also complained about the display hinge on the new model, which now has a more precise feel but less friction, allowing the lid to fall shut by gravity when held at an angle, such as when laying in bed. A video in our review of the new MacBook Pro highlights this new design change over previous 'Aluminum' PowerBook and MacBook Pro models.

The representative that called the user back reportedly described that the new hinge is functioning as designed, and that the display lid is intended to be less stiff.

The return call highlights Apple's efforts to retain its highly rated level of customer service. As the user reported, "So yeah. I emailed Steve Jobs and Apple called me back. The answer isn’t exactly what I wanted to hear, but I think the delivery of the answer may in fact outweigh that disappointment."