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Second case maker points to 'iPhone nano'

With just days to go before the annual Macworld trade show, a second case maker has added references to an iPhone nano to its website.

Well-known case designer Vaja has joined XSKN with an update to its web catalog implying that it plans to deliver protective garments for an Apple-developed iPhone nano in the near future.

The single reference to the product links customers to a web form where they can "sign up for the upcoming release" of its "iPhone nano cases."

As MacRumors points out, it's unlikely that case makers are privy to advanced information on future Apple products, and hence Vaja may simply be attempting to jump in on the recent hype surrounding the matter.

That said, case makers with contacts at Apple's off-shore manufacturing facilities may be able to obtain specifications for the company's future handheld products through unconventional means.

XSKN is one example of a case maker that was recognized earlier this year (1, 2) when it began selling protective holders for both the iPhone 3G and fourth-generation iPod nano before the specifications for those products were made public by Apple.

Meanwhile, grey marketers in Taiwan are already selling devices reminiscent of what an iPhone nano would presumably look like. Photos of those devices were published by AppleInsider on Friday.