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Watch the QuickTime stream of Apple's iPhone 3.0 Software event

Apple has posted the stream for the unveiling of its iPhone 3.0 software overhaul and its matching iPhone SDK.

As promised, the presentation stream is now accessible for those who were unable to attend Tuesday's event at Apple's Cupertino headquarters.

During the event, Apple revealed fundamental changes to the interface for all iPhones, including the ability to cut, copy and paste text across the entire operating system (step-by-step photos), search built into the main OS via Spotlight and in core apps, and MMS (photos). The company also brought in landscape viewing and typing into software like Mail.

In addition to the details for end users, Apple has also significantly improved the features developers can access that will have an impact on users (see some upcoming apps). Apps now support purchases and subscriptions without having to download separate apps. Developers can also directly communicate with accessories, embed Google Maps or integrate turn-by-turn GPS. Apple's long-delayed background push notification system is also due and will let apps receive notices when inactive (details & photos).

Other changes, such as access to the iPhone's media library, voice recording and a protocol for voice-over-IP, have also been added; there are over 1,000 new APIs for developers to use.

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