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A brief look inside Apple's upcoming Paris retail store

One of Apple's most important, upcoming foreign retail stores has been given an early glimpse months ahead of its completion. We take an early look through photos.

A tipster has provided AppleInsider with the gallery, which shows the current state of the upcoming Carrousel du Louvre store near Paris' historic museum.

At this stage, the 7,700 square foot location is unsurprisingly bare; the property was only vacated by its old tenant in mid-December. Still, it provides early clues as to the layout of the store, which will become a flagship for France. The second floor only occupies some of the space's surface area and creates an open environment for those on the main floor. The Carrousel shop is also noteworthy for its non-rectangular layout.

Apple isn't likely to open the store until the fall, but it stands ready to become one of the California company's most successful stores outside of the US. In addition to the upscale location, its presence near the Louvre gallery puts it within reach of 8 million tourists per year as well as Paris residents.

Louvre store in construction - inside left

Louvre store in construction - inside right