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Black Friday Mac and iPod price guides: find the lowest prices [Ux3]


Apple early Friday morning kicked off its annual Black Friday sale, offering $101 off MacBook Pros and iMacs. However, the Mac maker's authorized resellers have far undercut the company, slashing up to $300 off MacBook Pros and $180 off iMacs. Find the best prices on Macs and iPods with AppleInsider's finalized Black Friday price guides. [Updated Saturday, Nov. 28th @ 822pm with ClubMac price cuts.]


For in-store pickup only, Micro Center is offering arguably the best Mac systems deal of Black Friday, Apple's new 2.26GHz 13.3" white MacBook for $799.99 after this Visa Prepaid Card $200 mail-in rebate. There's a strict limit of one per customer.

The cheapest price on this model that doesn't involve a mail-in-rebate comes from, which is offering it for $884.98 with the option for Saturday delivery.[Sold out]. For shipping orders that leverage rebates, MacConnection offers the lowest price at $849.99.

MacBook Pros

MacConnection also maintains the lowest pricing on all MacBook Pros with mail-in-rebates. The online reseller's Black Friday deals offer $150 off the 2.26GHz 13" MacBook Pro, $200 off both the 2.53GHz 13" MacBook Pro and 2.53GHz 15" MacBook Pro, $250 off the 2.66GHz 15" MacBook Pro, and $300 off both the 2.80GHz 15" MacBook Pro and 2.80GHz 17" MacBook Pro.


For iMacs, MacConnection is also extending the best deals, cutting $150 off both the 3.06GHz Dual 21" iMac and 3.06GHz Dual 21" ATI iMac, $170 off the 3.06GHz Dual 27" iMac, and $180 off the 2.66GHz Quad 27" iMac.

Mac minis, Mac Pros and MacBook Airs

For its part, MacMall maintains the largest savings on MacBook Airs, Mac Pros and Mac minis.

Side-by-side price comparisons from all of Apple's top Mac authorized resellers can be seen in AppleInsider's Mac Price Guide, below. Lowest prices are in bold typeface.


Apple's Black Friday sale, along with and MacMall, offer the best prices on the iPod touch by a few dollars. For the remainder of the iPod family, authorized resellers combine for the lowest prices, as can be seen in AppleInsider's iPod Price Guide, below.