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Former Google China president reveals details on Apple's tablet

The ex-president of Google China has revealed on his microblog supposed details on Apple's forthcoming tablet: 10.1-inch screen with webcam, "awesome UI."

Kaifu Lee, former president of Google China, someone with supposed close ties to Apple, has revealed several details about Apple's tablet on his microblog (translation from Gadget Mix):

"The Apple Tablet looks like a bigger iPhone that sports an awesome UI packed in a beautiful 10.1-inch screen. The tablet combines the functions of both netbook and kindle, an ebook reader. It has virtual keyboard for text entry and a webcam for video conferencing."

This falls in line with recently reported details on the tablet. Earlier in December analyst Yair Reiner of Oppenheimer predicted that the device would have a 10.1-inch multi-touch display using the same technology as the iPhone. He also stated that Apple has been reaching out to book publishers in order to strengthen the position of the tablet as an ebook platform.

AppleInsider reported earlier last week that Apple had plans for a virtual keyboard with a dynamic surface that would give users tactile feedback when typing in order to identify individual keys. Supporting the idea of a "bigger iPhone," iPhone developers were reportedly asked to prepare their apps for a demo next month by making them support full-screen resolutions rather than the fixed 320x480 resolutions of the iPhone and iPod touch.

All signs point to Apple holding an event focusing on the "mobility space" on January 26 at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, where it is believed that the company will finally unveil the tablet to the world.