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iPhone OS 4.0 could see 'imminent' release, developer hints

Evidence continues to suggest Apple could soon introduce a new version of the iPhone operating system, this time with an alleged high-profile developer claiming their software was just updated for iPhone OS 4.0.

Rick Broida with CNet's iPhone Atlas said Friday that he received an e-mail from a "prominent app developer" regarding an update to the iPhone operating system. "Just wanted to give you a heads up that we've submitted an updated app for the new iPhone OS 4.0 software," the e-mail allegedly said. Additional details on the supposed software were not given.

Earlier this month, it was alleged that Apple's rumored Jan. 27 event could include the introduction of iPhone OS 4.0. One report claimed the new software developer kit includes a "simulator" that makes it easy for developers to adapt to different screen resolutions.

Apple is widely expected to introduce its long-rumored tablet device at the event later this month. This week, one rumor claimed that Apple has not issued any updates for the iPhone in some time because the next version has many tablet-related references that the company did not want to leak in advance of its planned unveiling.

Also this week, one developer contacted AppleInsider when a single handset using iPhone OS 4.2 appeared in his Pinch Media statistics for an iPhone application. The identifier could theoretically have been faked, and it's not clear why a new version of the iPhone OS being tested would skip the 4.0 distinction.

As rumors in recent weeks about the tablet have continued to pick up steam, talk of iPhone models and software has also gained traction. Rumors have ranged from an uncharacteristically early April debut to a potential Magic Mouse-like touch panel on the device's plastic backing.