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Apple 'iPhone HD' rumored with A4 chip, forward-facing camera


Adding to an earlier report of Apple's forthcoming next-generation iPhone, Daring Fireball on Monday claimed Apple's new handset will feature a custom A4 processor, 960x640 double-resolution display, and a second front-facing camera.

Author John Gruber sarcastically mentioned an earlier report from The Wall Street Journal, calling it the paper's "lame entry in the iPhone rumors game."

In addition to details on the processor, display and camera, Gruber also reiterated what AppleInsider reported earlier this month: Apple's iPhone 4.0 software will add multitasking support for third-party applications.

Separately, Engadget also reported an anonymous tip that the device would be dubbed the iPhone HD, and will be announced on Tuesday, June 22. If true, that would be a week before the rumored schedule of June 28 through July 2 for WWDC 2010.

When Apple introduced its forthcoming iPad in January, the Cupertino, Calif., company revealed that the device is powered by a custom-built system-on-a-chip dubbed the Apple A4. The speedy 1GHz processor is based on the ARM architecture and includes an integrated CPU and graphics processing.

That Apple's custom silicon would find its way into the next-generation iPhone should come as no surprise, as the company has been a licensee of ARM for years and has been long rumored to leverage its $278 million acquisition of fabless chip designer P.A. Semi for its mobile devices.

A forward-facing camera for videoconferencing is a feature that some users have desired in the iPhone for years. In the months of build-up to the iPad's unveiling, many reports alleged that the device would include a forward-facing camera, and

In February, a patent application from Apple showed a forward-facing camera on an iPhone-like device. The application described technology for superior picture and video recording performance on mobile devices.

Gruber's posting was prompted by a report from the Journal that alleged Apple is working on two new iPhone models, including a CDMA-capable model for release on the Verizon network in the U.S.

In January, AppleInsider received word that Apple was shopping for LED flash components to potentially add a camera flash to the fourth-generation iPhone.